Circular Economy

The adoption of a circular economy framework is essential for addressing some of the root causes of climate change and other major challenges faced by mankind in the 21st century, while generating new and more equitable growth opportunities that lift the general standard and quality of living.

Spurring innovation and new ways of thinking, the circular economy model encapsulates a redesign of industrial processes, business models and networks that decouples economic value creation from resource consumption and environmental degradation, while creating competitive advantages and greater resilience for the economies and businesses that adopt the circular model.

INCE Corporate Finance, with its broad range of services, its deep expertise in sectors pivotal to the transition of the economy to a circular model and its extensive global network that can be leveraged to add real value and create opportunities for its clients, is ideally placed to provide corporate clients operating in the circular economy and those interested in entering that space with:

  • Innovative financing solutions
  • Strategic advice in areas ranging from scale-ups, investments, to divestures
  • A list of strategic partners and acquisition targets
  • Optimal Value Creation in M&A transactions
  • Restructuring Advice

INCE Corporate Finance strives to be the premier corporate finance advisor and web-spinner within the circular economy space, which:

  • Acts as the trusted partner for individual businesses on their circular economy journey, and
  • Actively contributes to building the value-enhancing networks that the circular economy will entail.

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