Ince Corporate Finance advises across all phases of the journey to create value including: vision, strategy, growth, debt, equity, M&A buy-side, M&A sell-side, valuations and exit. Our perspective assimilates the strengths and objectives of all stakeholders.




We help clients identify strategies to accelerate their value creation and maximise value for all stakeholders.  The route may include organic growth, operational improvements, acquisitions, divestitures, or a combination of these.  Being exceptionally client-centric, we analyse a client’s objectives, validate their plans, and we advise them on how to optimise outcomes.  Ensuring all stakeholders understand and commit to a shared vision provides a firm foundation to build on. We use our deep sector knowledge and operating expertise to help clients develop compelling value propositions for potential investors and buyers.



We analyse risk and return metrics to optimise debt funding to enable clients to achieve their strategic objectives.  Our debt advisory work includes raising growth capital, financing acquisitions, refinancing existing facilities, asset-backed lending, mezzanine finance and commercial mortgages.  We work with clients to develop financial models that achieve optimum prudent levels of borrowing. We conduct stress tests to ensure that operating headroom is adequate.  We have a wide range of potential investors including banks and alternative lenders.



We work with clients to evaluate the degree to which equity financing will be desirable to achieve ambitions over other sources of funding. 

We carefully model future cash flows to determine a realistic valuation that limits dilution and attracts a suitable investor.  We look at a prospective transaction from an investor’s perspective to address potential issues early.  Our experience informs our understanding of investor’s concerns regarding structuring, pricing, returns, valuations, sectors, management issues and exit options. We engage our professional network encompassing private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, family offices and high net worth individuals to identify the optimal match. We manage the dialogue from the first contact through to completion, while maintaining absolute confidentiality.


Strategic Advisory

On the strength of our relationships, we advise on strategy, identifying key valuation milestones, enhancing the predictability of cash flow and establishing an optimal track record.  We often work with clients on a retained basis over a period of several months or years, advising on key strategic issues: identification of key performance indicators, market analysis; acquisition and divestiture; target filtering and prioritising; and optimising organic growth.



We often work with a client on a retained basis over a period which can be several years in length, advising on key strategic issues. These issues include new market entry, geographic expansions and gaining market share. Our sector knowledge and operating experience equip us well to advise on strategy and processes to support growth.


M&A Buy-Side

We leverage our strategic review of all potential targets to identify the optimal value-enhancing opportunities. We bring to bear tactical know-how to deliver tangible results. During acquisitions, we work with management to develop a future external growth strategy.  We help clients to define objectives and identify potential target businesses, evaluating the prospects and prioritising them according to the client’s specifications. We manage target contact, valuation, and negotiation through to completion. We are not afraid to advise a client to walk away from an unfavourable deal, and our process ensures absolute confidentiality. We have contacts with a wide range of financial sponsors, banks and alternative lenders, enabling us to swiftly arrange and negotiated any financing required.


M&A Sell Side

We develop a bespoke plan for monetising our client’s business.

We isolate key value drivers, prepare the business for sale, target the most appropriate investors and execute on a realistic schedule while preserving absolute confidentiality.  As well as our existing contacts with both financial sponsors and trade buyers, we can analyse the market and prioritise potential buyers by their strategic positioning and potential synergies. We can manage the dialogue and steer the negotiation to shield the client from the process, ensure minimal disruption to the business and optimise the outcome. We then provide objective advice on bids received, secure maximum value, and create competitive tension between bidders. We assist in negotiating documentation,  liaising with or sourcing other advisors, and managing the process through to a successful close.



We view valuations as more of an art than a science. Any asset or business is influenced by a unique mix of quantitative and qualitative factors. 

We tailor each valuation assignment to reflect the specific strengths and weaknesses, macroeconomic factors and regulatory and technology change into consideration. Our experience has been built over many years of working in diverse markets across the globe. It is deal expertise, sector knowledge and operating experience, all combined that help delivers superior valuations.



The sale of a business may arise for a variety of reasons including the succession of a family-owned business; disposal of an ‘orphan’ subsidiary to focus operations; industry consolidation in a drive for scale economics; financial distress; liquidity requirement of shareholders; or an aggressive approach from a strategic buyer, to name a few.  A professional sales process will optimise outcomes.  Anticipating potential problems, packaging information efficiently and a rapid process to minimise disruptions that can damage the target.



Access to Capital

Importantly our client offering includes access to capital. We take time to understand where a transaction fits within the investment guidelines of a specific set of investors. 

We target a limited set of investors and buyers when advising clients (as opposed to a wide auction process)

Our investor base includes the following segments:

1.Private equity:
   - funds with a focus on real estate and real estate as an operating asset
   -for lower and mid-cap companies
2.Special situation funds dedicated to the purchase and turn-around of real estate assets
3.Infrastructure funds, pension funds and life insurance funds
4.Private capital providers of stretch credit or junior capital
5.Alternative capital providers in the form of:
   -alternative lenders
   -junior capital providers
6.Trade buyers
7.Family Offices
10.   Banks


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